Pascale Willemsen, Albert Newen, Kai Kaspar
Willemsen, P., Newen, A., & Kai, K. (2018). A new look at the attribution of moral responsibility: The underestimated relevance of social roles, Philosophical Psychology, 31:4, 595-608, DOI: 10.1080/09515089.2018.1429592
Publication year: 2018

What are the main features that influence our attribution of moral responsibility? It is widely accepted that there are various factors which strongly influence our moral judgments, such as the agent’s intentions, the consequences of the action, the causal involvement of the agent, and the agent’s freedom and ability to do otherwise. In this paper, we argue that this picture is incomplete: We argue that social roles are an additional key factor that is radically underestimated in the extant literature. We will present an experiment to support this claim.