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I am an SNSF Ambizione Research Fellow and the Principle Investigator of the research group  “Investigating Thick Ethical Concepts — Philosophical and Empirical Perspectives” (short: InTEC), located at the University of Zurich. You find a short project description here as well as under “Research”.

Please take a look at my CV.

My research interests are in moral philosophy and metaethics, moral psychology, as well as experimental philosophy. I have intensively worked on the attribution of moral responsibility, with a special focus on the role of causal judgments. At the moment, I focus on thick ethical concepts and their role in metaethical debates. I argue that empirically investigating thick ethical concepts will not only contribute to our theoretical understanding of these concepts, but will also inform how normativity enters ordinary language, metaethical and normative-ethical debates, and theories of moral psychology.


University of Zurich, Department of Philosophy, Zollikerstrasse 117, 8008 Zurich
Office: ZOA 2 217

Email: Pascale[dot]Willemsen@uzh.ch