The new year starts as inspiring, productive, and busy as the last one ended. I have been invited to present my work at several workshops, conferences, and colloquia. If you wish to attend, please send me an email and I will forward you the link to the meeting whenever I can.


Colloquium Lund/Goethenburg Responsibility Project
27 January 2021, held online
This is a pre-read format. I will discuss ne of my recent experimental papers on derivative moral responsibility.

Research Colloquium “Philosophy of Cognition” at TU Berlin
23 February 2021, held online
In this talk, I will give an introduction to experimental philosophy and then use experimental philosophy of language as a case study, demonstrating how Xphi can help philosophers and other cognitive scientists make progress.

1st Conference of Experimental Philosophy Group Europe
17. to 19 June, in Prague and/or online 
In this talk, I will give an overview over my latest project on normativity in language, with a special focus on how evaluation is communicated and what we can socially do with evaluative language.

Workshop on Moral Responsibility and Graded Causation
29 to 30 Juli 2021, in Bern
It is usually assumed that moral responsibility presupposes causal responsibility in the sense that “You can only be blamed for what you’ve done!”. In this talk I present empirical evidence that the conceptual relation between moral and causal responisbility is in fact much more complex.