The new year starts as inspiring, productive, and busy as the last one ended. I have been invited to present my work at several workshops, conferences, and colloquia. If you wish to attend, please send me an email and I will forward you the link to the meeting whenever I can.


Moral Decision Sciences Workshop
08 – 10 April 2022, University of Salzburg
This is a small-scale workshop with speakers from psychology, economics, and philosophy. The aim of the workshop is to exchange ideas for future collaborations. In my talk I address how to empirically investigate evaluations and normativity in language. You can find more information here.

Guest Speaker in a Seminar on Philosophy of Language
13 May 2022, University of Antwerp
Prof. Judith Martens kindly invited me to her philosophy of language lecture as a guest speaker. In my talk I address how language can communicate values, norms, and evaluations. I specifically address how language can be used to insult and discriminate others. I present some empirical studies that could guide future directions of how to investigate evaluative phenomena in language.

Cognitive Science Colloquium, Cognitive Science Centre of the University of Neuchâtel 
2 June 2022, University of Neuchâtel
In this talk, I present my work on the folk concept of lying, co-authored with Alex Wiegmann, Jörg Meibauer, and Immanuel Viebahn. One of the most fundamental questions of your joint research addresses the possibility to lie without saying anything that is literally false. We empirically investigated cases of lying by omissions, by asking questions which pre-suppose something the speaker believes to be false, and also lying by falsely implicating.

Dual Character Concepts, Normative Generics, and Evaluative Language
16 – 18 June 2022, University of Zurich
In this talk, I address the (im)possibility to use negative terms in an evaluatively deflated way. I argue that positive terms, such as ‘honest’ or ‘friendly’ have an evaluatively deflated meaning – they can be used to say something neutral about a person. Negative term, e.g., ‘cruel’ or ‘rude’, cannot be used in this way. I offer an explanation of this effect which is based on joint work with Lucien Baumgartner, Bianca Cepollaro, and Kevin Reuter. You can find out more about this fantastic event here.

Summer School: Conceptual Engineering, Experimental Methods, and Politically Correct Language
04- 08 July 2022, University of Zurich
I will be an instructor, teaching experimental methods and supporting students in conducting their first own empirical study. Learn more about the summer school, organised by Hans-Johann Glock and Kevin Reuter, here.

Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society
27 – 30 July 2022, Metro Toronto Convention Center
This year, I present two papers at the CogSci conference. First, together with Sabrina Coninx and Kevin Reuter, I empirically investigated the folk concept of pain. The experimental-philosophical literature has already provided illuminating insights into the circumstances in which ordinary people are willing to use the term “pain”. In this paper, we offer an innovative, new methodological approach. Second, I co-auhtored a project with Lucien Baumgartner and Kevin Reuter. We investigate whether the Polarity Effect extends beyond thick concepts and occurs for thin concepts as well. It does!
Please find our corresponding papers “Research”. I’ll add them once the final, polished versions are available.

Second European Experimental Philosophy Conference
08- 10 September 2022, Granda
Every year one of favourite conferences! This year, I present a new study on free will and moral responsibility, co-authored with Edouard Machery, Markus Kneer, and Albert Newen. Our paper “Beyond the courtroom: Agency and perception of free will” will appear in Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Action later this year. Please find a pre-print here.


  Author: Pascale Willemsen

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